Georgia Film & Chill

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Quick Details

Starting Location: Your own home

Duration: 70-75 minutes to allow for Q&A

Days/Times: Various, but please note that all times are Eastern time zone

Inclusions: Entertaining guide, fun stories, trivia and more!

Check-In: We suggest jumping on 10 minutes early to start chatting with others

Tour Options: Best of Georgia Film & Upside Down Edition (more coming)

$20.00 $10.00

We’re Bringing #GeorgiaFilm to You!

While many are social distancing and travel isn’t as common right now, we wanted to work on ways to bring the #GeorgiaFilm fun to you! Georgia Film & Chill tours are our first journey into this space and we’re excited to get kick things off! Believe us, we are working on even more fan-based fun so make sure to chime in on social media w/ #GAFilmandChill and let us know what you would like to see! The best thing is that these are “come as you are” tours, you will interact on the chat and with Q&A, but with no video & audio you do you and we suggest comfort and cocktails!

The Atlanta Movie Tours team is always on the go and therefore self-quarantine, although necessary, is very difficult for our #TeamAMT. We are the ones always pushing forward and looking at the bright side so that we can keep everyone happy! So we thought…how do we provide entertainment to our fans, while still keeping everyone healthy and staying socially responsible – and so Atlanta Movie Tours brings you Georgia Film & Chill, a virtual movie touring experience.

Grab others in your household, tell friends to join, pile in front of the computer and for only $10.00, you can experience a live guided filming tour while still remaining socially distanced. We know everyone is starting to get a little stir crazy and want to ensure that everyone has a responsible way to get their fill of #GeorgiaFilm fun safely or we are all going to keep going out just for something to do and seriously how many times can you go to the grocery store in one day to check on toilet paper? Get In (your own house) and Geek Out with us!

Now w/ 2 Options:
Click through the date options to see the different tour options or visit the calendar

Best of Georgia Film explores everything from Marvel and Stranger Things to Hunger Games, Baby Driver, Driving Miss Daisy, Watchmen, The Walking Dead and more! This tour will provide you with over an hour of entertainment from the comfort of your own home.

Upside Down Edition is all Stranger Things…things! Our Upside Down Bus Tour is almost a year old and we have had a blast taking you to all of these fun locations. Now we can go even further and into places that we can’t normally take you on a tour!!

Coming (Very) Soon: Zombie Edition (based on The Walking Dead)

Others Under Consideration/Development: Shhhhhhh, we don’t want to give everything away, but if you’re interested in something, hit us up on social media or email us!


Zoom Webinar Tips

Download Zoom (it’s much better from the app than the web browser), make sure you have the newest version, a solid internet connection, and speakers. You will also be able to do this via the link you’ll be sent via email. If you’re geeky like us, you can find more info here on being a webinar attendee.

Sign-in Early (about 10 minutes before tour time, remember Eastern time zone) so that you can jump into the CHAT and start interacting with other fans who are there, talk about where you’re from, if you’ve been on a tour with us before, etc. Make sure you are talking to “All Panelists and Attendees” or our fellow guests won’t see you.

During the Tour there will be a CHAT feature for continuing casual discussions and a Q&A feature for asking specific questions of the Insider (guide) and Moderator. The Q&A also has the ability to “Upvote” questions you see if you’d like them to bump up the list. They will go over this at the beginning of the tour. Questions asked that are answered by your Insider will be done at the completion of the tour.

Connection Issues? If you have any problems, please try logging out of Zoom and then coming back into the tour. We find that this fixes most of the issues. You can also message the panelists or just type in the chat that you have an issue and we will work on helping!

If an emergency arises or you continue to have issues, please email us at [email protected] or reply to any of the emails you received from us. If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch…we’re here, behind our computers.

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