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Celebrity Hosted Tours

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Thursday, October 17th with Khary Payton (King Ezekiel) and Cooper Andrews (Jerry) will be epic and Friday, October 18th w/ all the Prisoners?!? This will be like The Walking Dead comedy show on wheels!

Thursday Khary/Cooper Tour
Friday Prisoners Tour

The only thing better than our regularly scheduled tours with our fabulous AMT Insiders are the super special hosted tours with a celebrity along for the fun! Walker Stalker Con week is going to be off-the-chain with the Camp Marimac Fall Bash kicking things off Thursday evening, October 17th at Jacob’s Table and we have tours to round out your fan fun!

Khary Payton and Cooper Andrews Tour October 2019

Thurs, Oct 17th, 1-4pm – $300/person
Big Zombie Tour 3 w/ Khary Payton & Cooper Andrews

For the first time ever we have BOTH Khary Payton (King Ezekiel) & Cooper Andrews (Jerry) along for the fun! Even with exclusive locations, Big Zombie Tour 3 has never been more exciting than to have the Kingdom along for the journey! We will have 2 buses and the guys will alternate between the 2 for the trip so everyone gets to enjoy their time with our favorite good guys! Your party will have a chance to snag a selfie or your AMT Insider can take it for you and you’ll get a fun group shot sent to you! The tour price is $300/person ($325 for priority boarding so you get on first and get to pick your spot!) and will depart from Jacob’s Table in Senoia at 1pm!

Starting Location for Big Zombie 3 Tour w/ Khary Payton & Cooper Andrews:  Jacob’s Table, 15 Barnes St #1C, Senoia, GA 30276

Prisoners Tour

(SOLD OUT) Fri, Oct 18th, 10am-1pm – $165/person
Big Zombie Tour 1 w/ The Prisoners Tour

We have a bunch of very special hosts on the Big Zombie Tour 1 Friday morning in Atlanta to kick-off the Walker Stalker Con fun! Lew Temple (Axel), Markice Moore (Andrew), Nick Gomez (Tomas), Vincent Ward (Oscar) & for the first time touring with us, Theodus Crane (Big Tiny) will ALL be along for the fun! The tour will be 3 hours of Walking Dead awesomeness and last time these guys were together tour guests said it was like a traveling comedy show! You’ll get a chance to get a selfie with yourself or your group and the guys and you’ll get a big group shot sent to you! The tour price is $165/person and will depart from our shop in Castleberry Hill in Downtown Atlanta at 10am!

Starting Location for Big Zombie 1 Tour w/ The Prisoners:  Atlanta Movie Tours, 327 Nelson St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313