Just a few resources we compile for #GeorgiaFilm…

Explore Georgia Film (State Film Office)

Georgia Film Now Showing & Coming Soon

List Your GA Property for Film!

Casting & Crew Jobs

Reel-Crew Production Directory (crew & support services)

Casting Company List from Reel-Scout

Oz Sourcebook

Want to be in the movies? Most casting companies use social media exclusively for releasing casting notices so get your headshots ready and watch the list below for things that match you! Here’s another good resource for how to be a good extra.

Background Artists Casting Atlanta

Casting TaylorMade

Central Casting Georgia

CL Casting

Extras Casting Atlanta

Hylton Casting

Marinella-Hume Casting

New Life Casting

Rose Locke Casting

Southern Casting Associates

Tammy Smith Casting