Our Insiders are the true front-runners of Atlanta Movie Tours. Take a moment to learn more about a few of them here.

Cindy Sumner

Cindy Sumner has been with Atlanta Movie Tours since the beginning of 2013. From working with the Air Force – veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm, to corrections officer, to an assassin and EVP Specialist at Ghost Rider Investigations, Cindy has done it all! One of those may not be true, but you will have to meet her to find out. Logan Lucky and Diary of a Wimpy Kid helped her to break into the acting world, but even before that, she was brought in as a paranormal consultant for The Conjuring. Cindy enjoys naps, Netflix, and long walks away from everyone.

Clyde Cauthen

Clyde has worked in over 100 movies and television shows. He has appeared in Footloose (2011), Trouble with the Curve, Being Mary Jane, Captain America: Civil War, Last Vegas, Prisoners, The Originals, Ant-Man and many, many more. He has worked as the preeminent tour guide for Atlanta Movie Tours since April 2014. He brings this insider knowledge of the growing film industry to every tour he guides.

Colin Cary

Colin has been in the TV/film industry since 2012 and has worked in over 150 different productions. His experience includes The Vampire Diaries, Term Life, Mockingjay Part 2, The Identical and AMC’s The Walking Dead. Colin has also worked with Stunt teams as a precision driver in a dozen films including Need for Speed, Triple 9, Ant-Man and Baby Driver. Check him out on all of our Big Zombie Tours, Best of Atlanta and Castleberry Hill Backlot Walking Tour!

Stephen Sweet

Ask around and you will likely find friends of Stephen’s right next to you. Besides knowing just about everyone in the industry, and working at The Dead Connection, Stephen Atlanta Movie Tours’ newest addition. Guide, Insider, Reporter, Photographer and soon to be dad, was a Savior in The Walking Dead Season 7! You can see him in episodes The Cell and Hostiles and Calamities. Find him on Twitter/Instagram: @stephensweet55 and at http://thedeadconnection.com

Stephanie Harp

The mother of two little warriors (they are highly ranked in Karate), Stephanie is a warrior herself. She takes on guiding for AMT, homeschooling the warriors as well as continuing to do background work across the Atlanta area. Her love for cosplaying made her a perfect candidate for being multiple walkers in The Walking Dead and therefore, appropriate guides the Big Zombie 2 and 3! “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Jenny Jerman

Being in the industry since 2010, and a SAG-AFTRA stunt performer, Jenny’s passion is unmatched. From precision driving, to background work to stunt work, Jenny has done a little bit of everything…she is even an impersonator for Katniss Everdeen and Marvel’s Black Widow. Sleepy Hollow, The Hunger Games, Survivor’s Remorse are just a few of the titles you can catch her in but if you really want to get up close and personal with her then take our Best of Atlanta Tour!

Jimmi Littles, III

Camden, New Jersey native, Jimmi, a.k.a Moe (Mayor of Ebenezer), is AMT’s resident historian of all things MLK Jr. and Civil Rights across Atlanta, which he made his home for over 27 years. He commentated numerous fashion & hair shows both nationally and internationally. He has been with the Ebenezer Baptist Church for over 20 years and is even head usher! Dark Angels is where Jimmi had his first speaking role in a film and he flourished from there. Come let Jimmi take you into his world on our Atlanta Heritage Tour.

Joshua Seymour

Josh, a.k.a Hilltop Josh, is an actor, writer, and director with over 50 credits to his name. His guns and blood epic 1000 Bullets To Heaven was screened at a national film festival. His company J.Seymour Productions also films live performances by bands and helps other filmmakers realize their visions through collaboration. He lives, films, acts, and writes in Atlanta, GA. He’s a current resident of the Hilltop on The Walking Dead! Don’t forget to use #HilltopJosh and #HTJ when you do a tour with him! All episodes of his acclaimed action film can be viewed here.

Myke Allen

Come visit Magic Myke on all of our tours and let him show you around Atlanta or Senoia! Myke happened upon us early in 2016 and has been part of the AMT family ever since. Between us and his 7 kids, Myke keeps himself very busy but has been known to take a break and jump into a few photo ops with the guests.


Patrick Williams

Patrick has been with AMT since 2013. He began working as an extra in late 2010. He has worked on more than 20 television series and TV movies, including multiple appearances on The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, and Necessary Roughness. He also has appeared in35 feature films, including featured roles in Anchorman 2 and The Internship. He is not currently active as an extra due to his most important role as a dad.

Petey Cinderson

Cindi “Petey” Sudduth is a Yankee who has called the south home for the last 25 years. The most recent stop on her tour of the South is Georgia and even just married the “red backpack dude” of Senoia in the Woodbury Gazebo, and was married by a walker! She is currently VP of Customer Relations for Walker Stalker Con and uses Atlanta Movie Tours to fund her massage addiction.  Between us, WSC, red backpack dude and living right outside of Woodbury, she has rounded out her complete submersion into all things zombie.

Professor Woodchuck

You will pick out Charlie, a.k.a Professor Woodchuck, instantly on The Walking Dead as ‘Autopsy Zombie’ on Season 2, Episode 1 which won an Emmy for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup in a Series, Mini-series, Movie or Special. The role was so prominent that AMC created an action figure from it in Series 3, which comes complete with removable organs. From Goosebumps to Dumb and Dumber To, Charlie has played everything from a zombie to a prickly old man playing checkers. Come see him and his action figure on Big Zombie 1!

Rick Barry

Ricky Bobby has almost been with us since the beginning. He is our Superman as he is a school bus driver by day and Atlanta Movie Tours Insider/Driver by night…well weekends. The hardest working man we know, Rick literally works everyday of the week and loves getting to interact with the tours on the weekends as a way to decompress. His beautiful wife and 3 awesome grandkids keep him busy in between all the work! #AMTNoOneSleeps

Sally Smith

Is she Sally or is she Margaret Mitchell? I am not sure we even know anymore. Our Yoga master, Margaret, I mean Sally, is the definition of calm. Not only can you find her on our Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind Tour, but you can also visit her at Oakland Cemetery where we first discovered her literally and figuratively.  

Sheryl Parsons

Another one of our Oakland Alumni, Sheryl impersonates Margaret Mitchell, Scarlett O’Hara, and other women throughout history. Come to the Oakland Love Stories or our Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind to see her in action.  She has an extensive background in theater and teaches as Georgia State University so this is a very busy lady! Catch her while you can!