Atlanta Movie Tours Retail Shop

GPS Concerns: Our building and address didn’t exist until 2009 so some older GPS models send folks to the other side of the Nelson St pedestrian bridge, just East of Ted Turner Dr/Spring St. You will know this if you end up surrounded by surface parking lots and abandoned buildings and see part of Nelson St blocked off to vehicles. If this happens, face Ted Turner Dr from Nelson, there is a large white building that spans Ted Turner Dr in front of you with an archway and planters. Turn right, then left at Mitchell, cross the bridge and turn left on Elliott. At the stop sign the Smoke Ring horse will be in front of you and our parking deck entrance will be on your right next to that.

Parking: Free (unless there’s a Falcons football home game), but rare, on-street parking is available; please obey the signs and park legally. Free parking is also available in the deck next to Smoke Ring at Nelson Street, Chapel Street & Elliott Street (ignore the signs about booting, they don’t mean you). If our shop is on your left, continue to stop sign, turn left than make an immediate left into the deck. The gate should be open. Once you’ve parked, walk out the door and turn right; continue past Smoke Ring BBQ to our shop at #327 Nelson Street. Atlanta runs a Clean Car Campaign! Please ignore the signs alerting to booting in our parking deck as they are not directed at you. Do not attempt to access via the rear door marked w/ an AMT sticker, no one will hear the knocking. **Please note that when there is a Falcons football game the parking will range from $20-40 so we suggest alternative transportation those days.

Alternative Transportation: We suggest Lyft (1st timer promo code: AMTRIDE) as not all taxi cabs are successful at finding our location. Taking MARTA (our mass transit trains) to the Dome/GWCC/Philips Arena/CNN station and pulling up walking directions on Google Maps is also a valid option (exit on Centennial Olympic Park Dr, turn Right walking past the new stadium construction, pass MLK Jr Dr (closed to the right), turn Left on Chapel (one-way for cars) at the bottom of the hill and walk around that building where you see the art gallery to #327). We are an easy 10 minute walk South of the Centennial Olympic Park/CNN area.

Check-In: You may see the bus/van when you arrive, but unless you were instructed to go directly there you should proceed to the shop and check-in inside with your guide.

Waking Dead Cafe in Senoia, GA


GPS Concerns: Please ensure your GPS is taking you to the intersection of Main and Seavy in Senoia. Since this is a Main St address some folks end up in Haralson, GA, a few miles South on Hwy 85.

Parking: There is plenty of parking on Main St in Senoia. There is also parking just West on Seavy, behind the Woodbury Shoppe, just East on Seavy, across from the Veranda Bed & Breakfast and a block North at Johnson & Seavy.

Alternative Transportation: There are very few options for getting to Senoia other than driving and taking our AMT transport (available as a $30/person add-on when booking the Big Zombie Part 2 or 3 tour). We do not suggest Uber or taxi cabs as the time and cost have been prohibitive in the past and there are no mass transit/train options.

Check-In: You may see the bus/van when you arrive, but unless you were instructed to go directly there you should proceed to the cafe and check-in inside with your guide.