Do we need to book a tour in advance or can we walk up and get tickets the day of a tour?
We don’t recommend waiting as we do tend to sell-out and while there’s always a chance that we won’t, you’ll be sad if we do and we don’t want sad guests!

I don’t have a car, how do I get to the Big Zombie Part 2 and 3 Tours in Senoia, GA?
Great question! Senoia is approximately 1 hour South of Atlanta and while cabs and Uber will take you there (maybe), they will not return you afterward.  The best option is to buy our round-trip transport during the checkout process for Big Zombie 2 or 3. The cost is $30/person and you will need to be at the shop in Atlanta no later than 12:30 pm, assuming you aren’t on the Big Zombie Tour Part 1. The bus will head out shortly after the Big Zombie 1 returns and will return to Atlanta after the tour, approximately 6:30/7:00 pm. This option won’t give you as long to check out Senoia, where you could spend a whole day looking in the cute shops and eating in the restaurants, but it’s a convenient alternative.

I’m taking the Big Zombie Part 1 followed by the Big Zombie Part 2 or 3, is there a quick place to grab lunch in between?
You can grab a quick snack from our shop in Atlanta or The Waking Dead Cafe in Senoia. You can also bring something with you or we have a $15 add-on lunch option from Smoke Ring BBQ offered during booking, find out more here.

Are there any age restrictions for those wanting to take the tour?
Any guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a guest 18 years of age or older.

Do you make provisions for handicapped guests?
We want everyone to enjoy themselves. There are portions of the tours that occur on foot, up and down stairs and across uneven terrain. The bus is not equipped with a lift and we ask that you notify us in advance if you need to bring a folding wheelchair with you so we may make arrangements for storage.

I need a language or signing interpreter, can you assist with this?
Yes. We have several options for sign language interpreters as well as language translation. Please email us to inquire about cost.

What should I wear?
Be advised that you will literally be walking in the very places where zombies, Margaret Mitchell, Katniss, and other stars walked. Please wear comfortable walking shoes. Also, our bus has A/C. And it works. Well. Please bring a pull-over if you tend to get cold.

May we tip our guide?
Of course! If you think your guide was incredible, we absolutely encourage tips.

What happens if we are running late? Are tickets refundable?
With a bus that holds 30 people, we have to be respectful of all guests’ time and ask that you plan your trip accordingly. Make sure to use zip codes to locate us and make sure to allow plenty of time to get to us as our traffic is legendary. Tours leave right on time. No, sorry, tickets are non-refundable.

Are all the tours either walking or riding?
The tours will include both walking and riding. If there are accessibility issues please inquire in advance of booking the tour to ensure we can be as accommodating as possible.

How large are the luxury coaches?
Our coaches seat 5-30 passengers and we vary this depending on the tour to ensure we rarely cancel. We chose a smaller coach so each guest could experience a more intimate tour, with plenty of Q & A with our guides.

How long are the tours?
All tours are 3-hours and we make every effort to stick to this, but due to traffic conditions, especially in Atlanta, we can run over so please plan accordingly.

May I bring my own refreshments?
The Senoia-based tours begin at the Woodbury Shoppe where we suggest a bit of shopping before or after the tour along with a stop by The Waking Dead Cafe, and the AMT headquarters is stocked with refreshments and snacks that you may purchase prior to the tours in Atlanta. We try to stop at least once for a restroom/refreshment break during each tour and you are welcome to bring a small cooler/lunch along on the bus.

May I bring my dog?
We adore dogs but know they will not be comfy on our tours (this includes emotional support animals, but does not apply to service dogs). If you’re touring with us in Atlanta or coming back through Atlanta, we highly recommended Wagging Tails, 376 Trabert Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30309, 404-873-0049, Daycare is available every day, please confirm hours, but they tend to be open later than most. If you are touring with us in Senoia, check out Camp Mimi Pet Resort, they offer great services for your pet, though their hours can be a bit limiting for tour guests, still worth giving them a call.

How about a weapon? Can I bring mine?

Trust us, we have your back. Our staff will keep any impending walkers at bay, so no need to bring that handgun, crossbow or katana sword. Please leave all weaponry at home.

Will I see a star?
You never know who you might run into. Bring a camera and be prepared. We ask that you only take stills and don’t disturb the sets, they’re working.  Thanks in advance.  If you happen to capture live filming, we request no photos be shared in advance of the production being aired.

Do you require a certain number of guests on each tour to operate?
Yes, due to overhead costs we require 4 people on a tour in order to run but will give guests 48 hours notice if we need to cancel. In some cases, you do have the option to buy the additional seats to get the tour to 4 people if we have not hit the minimum.

Are there other legal things about the tours?
Well, yes, our Terms and Conditions and Waiver and Release of Liability can be found here: You will be agreeing to these when purchasing tickets.

What about after the tour? Where can we review your tour?
We will be sending a follow-up survey and we are listed on TripAdvisor and Yelp and would appreciate any and all reviews! Also, we would love for you to check-in on Yelp and Facebook!

I loved my tour so much that I want to give it as a gift! How can I do that?
Our tours make great gifts! You can purchase Atlanta Movie Tours Gift Certificates just like a regular ticket or for any value you choose! Links can be found in the sidebar and footer of the website.

Do you have any hotel or food recommendations while we are here?
Yes indeed! Please visit our Partners & Hotels page for more on this.

How can I become an extra in Atlanta and then become one of your awesome tour guides?
Great tips are here: What’s filming, wrapped and how to become an extra so check it out, get those headshots ready and prepare for your moment of fame! Check out our other resources and links here on our Resources page.

You guys talk about so many movies filmed in Georgia, is there a master list?
Indeed there is! The State Film Office maintains such a list, which you can find here.

I have a restaurant, hotel, catering company, event facility, etc. that I would like considered for filming, who do I contact?
Oz Publishing puts out the GA Film & Television Sourcebook every year and for a nominal cost, you can be listed, highly recommended! Bribes to production companies work too, but don’t tell them who told you.

I would like my home or business considered as a filming location, is there someone I can talk to about this?
Yes! The Georgia Film Office has everything you need to know about this on their handy dandy “List Your Property as a Film Location” page! It’s like they knew you were going to ask one of these days!