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What’s New At AMT?

We have been busy at AMT HQ!

As I write this, our friend Barry Belcher is hard at work on a super cool mural on our back wall. The mural will serve as a backdrop for Carrie & I when we start our weekly videos on all the filming and star sightings around Atlanta. Any idea for a cool title for these videos? Comment here for a chance to win a pair of tour tickets!

Barry hard at work

Barry hard at work

Even though we are working hard, we still find lots of time to play. I was thrilled to be ask to be a panelist on Doug Benson’s podcast, Doug Loves Movies, which taped live at The Punchline here in Atlanta. I was so happy that Jon Hamm was busy and couldn’t make it. My fellow panelists were comedians Rob Cantrell and Dustin Ybarra. You can catch Dustin on the upcoming show called Us & Them. They were both hilarious, so um, no pressure on me. Doug took this little video of us on stage, so I can prove I was there. I’ll let you know when the podcast is online, if you would like to give a listen. Doug was super nice and incredibly polite. A great host.

A couple of weeks ago, Carrie & I went up to Brevard, NC to participate in the Hunger Games™ Unofficial Tours Weekend Experience. This gave me anxiety, because I am a couch potato, as evidenced by the title on my business card, “Head Television Fanatic”. But, I’ll be danged if Carrie and I didn’t walk away winning the simulation games, with me as the winning tribute. They seriously had to count the points three times because no one could believe I won. Here I am with the winning archery move – in the pouring rain. If you can’t make it up to North Carolina, hang tight – this is coming to Atlanta late this year.

I look like I have done this before! I have not.

I look like I have done this before! I have not.

Carrie has been hard at work ordering the coolest merchandise for HQ. We have partnered with The Walking Hope to offer awesome tees that also benefit Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society. Every day we get more items. Today Carrie showed up with The Walking Dead Poster Collection. Serious stuff for any collector of all things TWD. I spent a good part of my afternoon staring at the posters of Daryl, Rick and Shane. I really should be working. But this is research, right? If you come visit us, we can stare together! I would love that.

This Saturday Atlanta Movie Tours is sponsoring the after party for the Zombie Pub Crawlat Diesel because that’s how we roll (does anyone even say that anymore?) Join us as we down shots of Jaeger and proceed to shuffle around like the undead. Click on the page and check out Zombie Captain America. I can’t even stand it, I love it so much. Don’t miss this party – it is going to be insane.

On Sunday we would love to see you on our Atlanta Film Sites Tour. We jump on the bus and get to see locations used in hundreds of movies and television shows. It is a blast and having you along would make it even better. Buy tickets here for the July 28 tour. Who’s the guide? It’s me and I know all the behind-the-scenes stories. Let me share them with you.

What’s new with you?