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TWD Viewing Parties at Nic & Norman’s + Big Zombie Tour Combo!

TWD Viewing Party Tour Combo

The Walking Dead is back and we’re helping host viewing parties at Nic & Norman’s in Senoia! Doors open at 6:30 each Sunday night Oct 13-Nov 24 and we bring the fun! Team trivia! Giveaways! Photo Booth! And much more! Prizes from us, Nic & Norman’s and the Woodbury Shoppe! Tickets can be purchased on the Nic & Norman’s event page of their website and make sure to chime in on their Facebook event pages!


What’s even better is that for certain episodes we will be offering a combo ticket with our 2:30-5:30pm Big Zombie 2 or 3 tour followed by priority seating and no waiting in line at Nic & Norman’s for the viewing party following the tour! Visit our calendar and choose a Sunday afternoon tour, if the combo is available you’ll see that as an option and you’ll get both for $100, which includes the tour, appetizer, entree, dessert & #TWDfamily fun!!! (18+ for the viewing party as it’s more of a bar setting)


Big Zombie Tour Part 2 departs from the Jacob’s Table in Senoia, GA, an hour South of Atlanta, and runs from 2:30p-5:30p. Senoia was “Woodbury” and is now “Alexandria” in the show and this tour focuses on locations used in Seasons 2-6. Morgan’s “Clear” apartment, Hershel’s bar and Merle’s death scene (spoiler) are just a few of the great locations on this tour!


Big Zombie Tour Part 3 runs on days opposite of the Part 2 tour and also departs from the Jacob’s Table in Senoia from 2:30p-5:30p and has some of the newest locations from Seasons 6-9, with a few from Seasons 2-3 tossed in along the route. Some of the great locations are Denise’s death scene (another spoiler), Glenn & Nicholas’s dumpster scene and our new exclusive location where the Bob-E-Que was featured and where we discovered the story behind Daryl & Michonne’s X-scars, just to name a few.