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Travel Tips For Your Summer Vacay

What's So Exciting? Book now to find out!

What’s So Exciting? Book now to find out!


Stay Safe This Summer!

We are excited to meet so many of you this summer as you make your way to Atlanta for your vacation.  With so much to see in our beautiful city, we wanted to give you a few tips to make your experience here fun while you stay safe.

  1. Be cognizant of your surroundings. It’s easy to get caught up in all the fun you are having, but remember to be careful about not flashing cash and leaving valuables in your car. Wear your bag across your body to deter theft and hide all valuables in your hotel safe. This is Atlanta, and we are pretty casual here, so you can leave the diamonds at home.
  2. Know who you are touring with. Plan your fun with a reputable company. There are so many fun tours here in town so you won’t miss one moment of the action. If you are looking for film location fun, Atlanta Movie Tours is your headquarters for any movie and television tours, and of course All Things Zombies. Our friends at Mystic Falls Tours in Covington give an awesome overview of everything for lovers of The Vampire Diaries.  ATLCruzers can give you the lay of the land with their super cool electric cart tours. And of course, no trip to Atlanta would be complete without visiting the Georgia Aquarium, (the world’s largest) and the World Of Coca-Cola.
  3. We know a lot of you like to hit the road and search out the sites yourself. We cannot stress enough that a lot of the popular filming locations are private property and trespassing is illegal. Check out the  mini tours a few of the locations offer if you are not in town during one of our tours. Recommended by us are the Grantville Tours given by Mayor Jim Sells every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 6 p.m. and Miss Jamie Thompson’s tours of Haralson by appointment only.  Of course, if you are in town during a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday, we would love for you to join us on our luxury coach for our super fun tours guided by those who have been on these sets. We have contracts with many of these private locations and we are legally allowed to take you in.
  4. As crazy as this sounds, we’ve heard of an individual offering tours of locations – in your car with him as the guide. Would you allow a perfect stranger with no credentials to get in your car with you and your family at home? Of course not. (See #3).  We are fully insured and licensed. Make sure your other tours are, too.
  5. Not sure what you will enjoy when you get to town? How about a little research before you get on the plane? We count on TripAdvisor for real, honest opinions of hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Welcome to Atlanta! We cannot wait to see you!