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Spotlight on Senoia

We are proud to start our tours in Castleberry Hill, which is considered to be the backlot of Atlanta. So many films have used our neighborhood for locations. Among them:

Hall Pass
The Walking Dead
Teen Wolf
The Vampire Diaries
Scary Movie 5
Beauty Shop
Identity Theft
The Change Up
Catching Fire
(coming 2013)

And many more.

But when our tours are over for the day and our guests are still hungry for more, we suggest a trip to Senoia. Drive one hour south of downtown, and you will step into another backlot. Sweet Senoia has been used most recently as the town of Woodbury, home of the Governor, in The Walking Dead. And you can walk the streets when they aren’t filming. Pop into the coffee shop, have lunch at McGuire’s, and stop for a drink at Southern Ground, owned by country star, Zack Brown. Carrie and I did just that this past September and had a blast. Here’s a photo of me in front of the Governor’s house.

The New York Times recently took notice, too, and ran this lovely story about our friends down south. Click this link to read.