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Peeples Marks The Directorial Debut of Tina Gordon Chism

Story by AMT staff writer, Lauren S.

One of the exciting things about joining Atlanta Movie Tours is taking part in our promotions! We recently gave tees and totes from the movie Peeples to our guests!


Peeples is the directorial debut of Tina Gordon Chism. The film is about a children’s entertainer Wade Walker, meeting the parents of his girlfriend, the preppy Grace Peeples, at her family’s reunion. Wade wants to ask Grace’s dad for her hand in marriage. Peeples is co-produced by our favorite producer, Tyler Perry. Tyler told Rotten Tomatoes he was excited to help produce the film because he was excited about the story and casting, but he was mostly excited to give Tina a platform to write and direct. He was in the same situation and is paying it forward to her. The media have called Peeples, a Tyler Perry movie, but really the film is Tina’s baby.

Tina came to Atlanta after doing an internship with The Cosby Show. She is a former writer for the paper Atlanta Tribune. Tina was inspired to become a film writer when she was an actress going on auditions. She told The Washington Post “I saw the scarcity of roles that really equaled my training. African American roles at the time, and even now, we struggle with quality roles, meaningful storylines, even sophistication in how our image is presented”. Tina’s first film writing credits are Drum Line and ATL. Both films were set in and filmed in Atlanta. Also from the Washington Post Tina says “ATL was the beginning of me realizing I wanted to direct because the script, even though I think the movie is fine and fun, it was not as exactly as I had written it.”

There is no word yet on Tina’s next project. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for her!