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Netherworld Sydney-Style!


By: Sydney Madison

For some reason, I decided to go to media night at NETHERWORLD, which has been touted as one of the scariest haunted houses in the United States. I am, to say the absolute least, scared af. I’m startled *frighteningly* easy (see what I did there?). Nonetheless, I’m committed. So here are my thoughts that literally woke me up from a dead sleep at five o’clock this morning:

5 AM
1. Why in the world did I sign up for this?
2. Maybe I’ve grown since the last haunted house I went to (IN HIGH SCHOOL) and won’t be so easily scared
a. Who am I kidding? That’s not even remotely believable
3. Did I once read that there are levels? ARE THERE LEVELS?
a. Does each level get more terrifying than the last?
4. At Carrie’s suggestion, I‘m seriously considering Poise because I’m not entirely sure I’m above being scared into peeing my pants like a child (call me for sponsorship, Poise, I have a whole new demographic for you)
5. Anna said they could touch me. WILL THEY? WHAT WILL THEY TOUCH ME WITH?
6. How long is it? Can I leave if it’s too scary?
7. Okay it’s 1:30. I’m good. I have time to get my life together. I’m going home and I’ll be fine by the time I go tonight.

2:43 PM
8. Is it too early to start hyperventilating?
9. What will I wear?
10. Maybe if I take a nap I’ll calm down.

8 PM
11. Okay the nap worked until I left my apartment
12. Guys, it’s actually LIGHTNING the one night I decided to come to a haunted house. The universe is 100% setting me up.
13. OMG OMG OMG my heart rate jumped before I even turned in the lot!
14. I already have to pee
15. I should’ve worn a T-shirt that said “I’m here and I’m terrified” (trademark pending). Okay y’all. I’m this close to going in. Please send positive vibes. I don’t know who needs them more, me or Colin for having to deal with me.

1. First things first, we went into an area with snacks and drinks and the “bartender” was dressed up and, while it wasn’t terrifying, it certainly got me in the mood.. and creeped me out just a little, if I’m honest.
2. We finally go in and get a picture first…thank God because the humidity had me looking like a spooky cast member by the time I left.
3. We’re in! NIGHT OF THE GORGON is the first haunt and OMG!
4. Oh this is tiny! It’s like a tiny, terrifying maze!
6. Omg but these props…they look SO REAL!
7. Please don’t jump out at me, please don’t jump out at me
8. They jumped out at me
9. Okay, I’m good! This isn’t so bad!
10. Spoke too soon
11. OMG, the walls are moving in!!
12. This floor is NOT solid!
13. Have I mentioned these props? Iconic!
14. Okay, I’ve found the secret to haunted houses – have some unsuspecting soul go ahead of you, that way the scary people get them first AND you can scout out what’s coming!
15. There are hanging bodies! I don’t like this, I don’t like having to touch these things, get me out of here!
16. How are we still in here?! Much like that random/brilliant singalong in Stranger Things, it’s NEVER ENDING
17. Please don’t touch me, please don’t touch me, please don’t touch me!
18. Oh good! We’re at the end!
19. CHAINSAW…aka the only thing that forces me to run
20. Okay – the halfway break area is so cool!
a. Photo ops! Tiny donuts! Games! This is awesome!
b. There are people in costume who keep walking around and OMG WHY IS SHE SCREAMING?!? **SPOILER ALERT – it’s part of her character and I’m NOT okay with it.
21. Alright – on to COLD BLOODED – the second and final part of the haunted house.
22. Is Colin seriously making me go first this time??
a. Spoiler alert – yes he is. Pray for me
23. Oooooooo dinosaurs! I love dinosaurs!!
24. Okay, this elevator seems like a bad…yep. It was all a trick.
25. THAT DINOSAUR IS EATING SOMEONE! Okay, not really but it looks like it!
26. These people have dinosaur faces and I wasn’t ready for it
27. Okay, this is some high-quality stuff! I feel like I’m at a scary Universal Studios!!
a. I guess that would be Halloween Horror Nights
29. Why does this boy in front of me look so amused by my reactions?! IT’S SCARY SIR, PLEASE TURN AROUND AND STOP LAUGHING AT ME!
30. In his defense, Colin has been laughing at me the whole time
32. We finally make it to the end and – MORE CHAINSAWS
33. Sorry to everyone behind me but we can’t go any further because of said chainsaws
34. Fun fact: you can’t hold up a line of haunted house attendees just because you are scared. Noted.

Netherworld is top-notch, to say the least! I highly suggest everyone go if you haven’t. The scares, the props, the level of professionalism, and mind-boggling execution make Netherworld worthy of all of the praise this experience has garnered. Go before it’s too late…then go again!

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Photos + b-roll are courtesy of NETHERWORLD Haunted House