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Memorial Day Weekend Wrap-Up

Day 1Big Zombie Tour 2 w/ T-Dog & The Prisoners Tour 
AMT kicked off Memorial Day weekend with the lovable “T-Dog” from seasons 1-3, played by the amazing IronE Singleton , who also played Alton in The Blind Side, along with Lew Temple (Axel), Markice Moore (Andrew), Vincent M. Ward (Oscar), & Nick Gomez (Tomas)! The tour consisted of 3 hours of Walking Dead fun with 2 buses and our special guest hosts popping between the 2! Everyone received a signed photo of the guests plus there was plenty of time for guests to ask questions, selfie, and GEEK out with our celebrity guest guides!
Day 1 ContinuedBig Zombie Walking Tour w/ The Kingdom
Carlos Navarro (TWD Alvaro) and Karl Makinen (TWD Richard) joined us for a special Senoia walking tour. Great stories and a very special opportunity for a guest shot with the guys aka “The Kingdomers” on horse back! Pretty much a one-of-a-kind experience all around! Special thanks to Rebecca Bowman, Nancy Girard, and Beth Young + The Retired Racehorse Project.


Day 2Big Zombie Tour 3 w/ Ross Marquand
BZT3 took place Saturday morning in Senoia was one for the record books when it comes to awesome! Survivor and Alexandria Safe-Zone recruiter “Aaron” from seasons 5-9, played by the good-natured, adventurous Ross Marquand! The tour included 3 hours of Walking Dead fun! Everyone received a signed photo of Ross and had plenty of time for questions and a selfie with tour guest. We had 2 buses, one that Ross was on and one that followed, but at each stop, everyone was together. Oh, and just as a bonus for you Marvel fans, Ross played “Red Skull” in Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers: Endgame and if you haven’t seen his impressions, they are epic!
Day 3: Big Zombie Tour 3 w/ Pollyanna McIntosh & The Heapsters 
Pollyanna & The Heapsters sounds a bit like a band name, but in this case, it’s a bunch of TWD fun! Big Zombie Tour 3 took place Sunday morning in Senoia- another for the record books! This tour consisted of TWD celebrity guides, Anne/Jadis, played by the lovely Pollyanna McIntosh, along with Sabrina Gennarino (Tamiel) and Thomas Francis Murphy (Brion) and was so chock full o’ fun!
Huge shout-out and THANK YOU to the always accommodating Jacobs Table 🍽 for hosting our AMT Family & special celebrity guests + Cookie Creations by Tiffany (@tarnett82) for treating us to the cutest custom cookies! 😍🍪