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Labor Day in the ATL means Dragon Con and #AMTINSIDER Challenge!


First off, if you’re asking “What’s Dragon Con?” have we got some fun stuff ahead for you!! Even if you know what Dragon Con is and are as excited about the upcoming fun-fest as we are, we have tips & tricks and hope we can school you on a few things…plus we have one of our biggest contests ever being run this weekend!

Dragon Con has been around since 1987 and is a 5-day pop-culture convention featuring various tracks focusing on whatever geeky fandom you prefer. We suggest you check out their digital resource page and snag the app! While we don’t love the app, for scheduling purposes it’s spot on and can help you find everything from panels and events to fan meetups and photo ops so you know where to be when. Over 80,000 people attend Dragon Con and many more for the parade Saturday morning, which is the largest parade attendance in Atlanta. Speaking of the parade…


After almost 8 years of touring Atlanta and showing off the geeky #GeorgiaFilm fun, we are finally going to take our Insiders and some special friends, out on the streets! Make sure to get your spot on the route early so you don’t miss out! First tip, take MARTA! Parking for the weekend Downtown is tough and expensive so hit the Peachtree Center station and have fun without the hassle!

There are tons of featured guests at the con this year, including #GeorgiaFilm folks, like Cooper Andrews (The Walking Dead), Cary Elwes (Stranger Things), Robin Lord Taylor (The Walking Dead), Karen Ceesay (The Walking Dead, The Gifted, Stranger Things), Dan Fogler (The Walking Dead), Chad Coleman (The Walking Dead), Shannon Purser (Stranger Things), Christine Adams (Black Lightning), Nafessa Williams (Black Lightning).

Another tip, don’t miss Dragon Con Night at the Georgia Aquarium! The aquarium is amazing, but it’s even more so when it’s after hours with cash bars, a DJ and costume contest! Remember that there are shuttles all weekend around town from all of the host hotels and a number of others, check the app for locations (or click here) and all you need is a badge to jump on any of them!

Final few tips for Dragon Con newbies:

  • Make a survival kit, including hand sanitizer (Con crud is almost inevitable, WASH YOUR HANDS…A LOT), deodorant, sunscreen, bandaids/moleskin, portable battery chargers, easy snacks, like nuts & granola bars & Pedialyte mix-in packs, oh and start with the Emergen-C a few days in advance (too late). Stay hydrated!! Water good! Bring a reusable bottle and fill up when you find water stations.
  • Get plenty of sleep leading up to the Con, who knows if you’ll get it during.
  • Find the Con Suite, it’s in the Hyatt. Varies as to what’s in there, but free munchies.
  • Find other ways to go than the crowd! There are multiple floors to all of the hotels and secret entrances & exits other than having to wait on elevators, such as the side entrance to Trader Vic’s in the Hilton.
  • Be patient! There are lots of people, lots of lines, keep things moving, say thank you to the hotel staff cleaning up after all of us and remember to smile and be kind to one another (especially after dark as it’s the city and there tends to be alcohol involved)!

Now what you’re really here for…
The #AMTINSIDER Challenge!

For Dragon Con 2019 we have something super exciting we’re doing and all you have to do is follow us on social media, find our AMT Insiders, take a selfie with them and share the geeky love! You’ll become a deputized AMT Insider and be entered to win awesome tours…possibly a private tour for you and 30 of your geekiest friends!

The AMT Insiders are wandering around the Con with an #AMTINSIDER sticker on the back of their badge and they may even have a big sign if you are lucky! So you can hunt for them and/or follow us on social @atlmovietours for updates several times a day on where the AMT Insiders will be at any given time. We only have 10,000 stickers so get out there and start selfie’ing!

All the rules and tips & tricks you need to WIN can be found on the #AMTINSIDER Challenge page of our website:

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