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Atlanta-filmed Spider-Man: Homecoming and Baby Driver Release Trailers

The past few weeks have been full of trailers for highly-anticipated films set to hit theaters this summer. Two Atlanta-filmed movies, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Baby Driver, dropped their trailers. AMT is excited to catch a glimpse of the locations used in and around the city, and we can’t wait to have a full list of locations to add to our Best of Atlanta and Hero tours. 

Because Spider-Man: Homecoming  is a Marvel film, the majority of the filming was done at Pinewood Studios, but our Insiders notices a few places in the trailer that are Atlanta buildings with minor changes to facades or to surrounding locations, in this case, Atlanta doubled for New York City. In the trailer, you can clearly see the inside of the Mariott Marquis where a fight between Spiderman and The Vulture, played by Michael Keaton, breaks out. You see Keaton’s character fly down through the instantly recognizable lobby that was also featured in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and has played host to guests of Dragon Con for the last few years. We’re hoping to see more locations in the film when it premieres on July 7th, and if you’re curious about other locations like the bank that was robbed in the first trailer or the Korean Church of Asgard that was used in the filming, join our Insiders on Hero and Best of Atlanta.


The new Edgar Wright movie Baby Driver starring Kevin Spacey, Ansel Elgort, Lily James, and Jon Hamm is set to premiere on June 28th after being pushed from it’s original August release date. It follows Elgort, who plays a getaway driver named Baby, and is different from other films shot in Atlanta because it is actually set here. The trailer opens with Baby (Elgort) reading a copy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution with the front page headline reading “Are brazen heists in the hub linked?”. Because of the nature of the film, Atlanta saw several road closures during the filming of Baby Driver to accommodate the high-speed chase scenes. Even social media got wind of these closures, and Instagram videos taken from the Jackson Street Bridge began to pop up when a section of the interstate was shut down for a stunt-roll. Outside the perimeter, the filming took advantage of a bank in Dunwoody to film what can only be assumed was a heist scene. Our team is hoping that when the movie is released in June, surrounding shots will make the location of the diner in the beginning of the trailer more clear. But you can bet that our Insiders will be first at line in the theater to see this film because several AMT Insiders worked on the filming, and we will proudly add clips from what looks to be another fantastic Edgar Wright movie to our Best of Atlanta tour.