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#GeorgiaFilm Gemini Man – Sydney-Style Review

Gemini Man

By: Sydney Madison

Thanks to Atlanta Movie Tours, I was fortunate enough to go to an early screening of Gemini Man, the new Will Smith vs. Will Smith action film. And you just don’t pass up an opportunity to watch double the Will Smith, I don’t care who you are. He did not disappoint. Let’s dive right in.

*Spoilers Ahead*

1) HEY WILL! (Can I call you Will?)
2) He is not about to shoot someone on a MOVING train?
3) OMG! Not only did he shoot someone on the train, but he got them in the neck!
4) Wait – getting them in the neck was a bad thing?
a) Oh. He was going for head.. guess someone’s been watching The Walking Dead
5) Where in the heck? Buttermilk Sound, GA?! They’re just out here making up names that *sound* country? Y’all tried it. I laughed, the whole theater laughed, who knew this was a comedy?
6) Omg! It’s the girl from Sky High!
7) Is this going to turn into a romance? I’m not here for it (even though you’re still fine, Will!)
8) I knew he wasn’t fishing for mackerel.
9) Oh here we go! A little secret agent stuff, huh?
10) You’re not going to tell your buddy about the plane?!
11) Sky High girl is a spy girl?!
12) Oh really? You’re just gonna give in and go for a drink? You know he’s not stupid girl.
13) Yep…gotcha.
14) Your dad does not seem like a nice person.. wake up!!
16) Oh you’re quick quick?!
17) Okay he ain’t playing, y’all!
18) Ohhh he came back for Sky High girl! (Okay, I guess I’ll call her by her initials now, MEW (Mary Elizabeth Winstead))
19) She went in by herself??
20) I knew that was a bad idea.
21) Oh! Girl can fight! Okay MEW! Sorry I’ve called you Sky High girl for over a decade now!
22) THE TEETH.. Nice!
23) Did they take a boat to a nice, wide-open island? Aren’t you afraid of sniper planes?
24) Is that plane coming right at them? It is but wait.. it’s [Benedict] WONG!! Known in this movie as Baron!
25) Lol @ that one room comment
26) This man is the lightest sleeper
27) Another sniper!
28) OMG! It’s young Will Smith! Henceforth known as YWS
29) Wow this motorcycle fight sequence is pretty dope!
30) YWS versus current Will is almost as hot at Captain America versus Captain America in Endgame
31) MEW and Wong! Dream team!
32) What kind of friend lends them a private jet? I wouldn’t even ask to borrow my friends Altima.
33) Why is it harder for me to take people seriously in robes and sandals?
34) So this Russian guy is watching Henry, 24/7? Stalk much?
35) Of course YWS, aka Junior, is already there
36) Junior did NOT just call MEW his “elder”
a) I’m offended
37) Dang boy! You’re gonna make her strip in a courtyard?!
38) Okay this doesn’t seem like a good idea.
39) I have to be completely honest here, I can’t look at anything but Junior’s top lip because it doesn’t seem to be cooperating with the rest of the CGI face**
40) Yaaass girl! Coming in clutch with the tooth wire!
41) Okay I take it back. Will versus will is every bit as hot as Captain America vs Captain America.
43) GIRL just shoot him!
44) Oh she shot him (no, I’m not telling you where)
45) Things are getting twisty
46) Fast forward to YWS injecting current Will with bee venom (he’s allergic!!)
47) He did that just to save him? What happened to trust falls?
48) Okay so now they’re a team. Cool.
49) They’re just riding down the street in a van like no one will notice
50) They noticed!
51) WOOOONG!! Noooooo!!!
52) Omg run, run, run!
53) Epic shootout scene! 10/10
54) MEW is literally shot and keeps on going!
55) I really hope Junior tied up daddy dearest before he went to help Henry.
56) Aaaannnd of course not.
57) Omg is that a super soldier? Is that Captain America?
58) Ooh this fight scene is EPIC!
59) This has to be another clone. Is it another YWS or Young Clay? I don’t know?!
60) This guy is on fire*
a) *Literally
61) Take off the mask! Scooby Doo style!
62) O_o
63) Young Will for the win! But this one doesn’t feel pain!
64) THREE WILL SMITHS IN ONE PLACE. No wonder there’s a fire
65) I’m not going to give away the entire ending, but let’s just say that CGI Will wasn’t made for smiling and sunshine

All in all, I really enjoyed the movie. The fight sequences were well done and Will Smith is always great, so getting to watch two of him was a treat. The story moves along nicely and ties things up with a bow. I would say go watch it for the fun of it, go watch it for Will Smith, and just enjoy it for what it is: a glorified action movie with a sci-fi storyline and heart throughout.

**Disclaimer: the movie was filmed in a High Frame Rate 3D format that’s only available in select theaters, not including the one I was at. Maybe the CGI works better with the High Frame Rate, I don’t know. You be the judge!

PS – ICYMI make sure to check out Will Smith’s hysterical video talking about the bugs while filming in Savannah…we feel you Will!