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Georgia Film Virtual Backgrounds

Stranger Things

With more and more video conferencing software jumping on the virtual background bandwagon, we thought we would share the #GeorgiaFilm love with some virtual background options. While our virtual tour guests don’t have their video on, we do turn it on for private virtual tours so you can interact before and after the tour with…

Social Distancing Solutions: #GAFilmandChill with Netflix Party Extension

According to USA Today, Netflix Party lets friends have movie nights while social distancing, so our AMT Insiders have come up with a list of our Georgia-filmed Netflix favorites for you and your friends to #GAFilmandChill  while quarantined from the CoronaVirus.

Have You Watched the Watchmen? We’re Not in Tulsa Anymore!

Image courtesy of HBO

There are no shortage of opinions on the new Damon Lindelof series Watchmen, a sequel (of sorts, though more of a retelling) and adaptation of Alan Moore, John Higgins and Dave Gibbons’ comic creation, so we will only dwell for a second on that side before diving into the awesome #GeorgiaFilm locations! We also want…

TWD Viewing Parties at Nic & Norman’s + Big Zombie Tour Combo!

TWD Viewing Party Tour Combo The Walking Dead is back and we’re helping host viewing parties at Nic & Norman’s in Senoia! Doors open at 6:30 each Sunday night Oct 13-Nov 24 and we bring…

“Ring” in a New Year of Movies and Shows

The Walking Dead had its mid-season premiere this past Sunday and was watched by 12 million viewers. Some of those viewers were watching alongside AMT at Smoke Ring at our “Rise Up & Hook Up” watch party. And even though audiences were assured that going forward TWD would be less graphic than the infamous Glenn and Abraham…

Exploring Atlanta and The Accountant with B98.5

Last week, the crew, including Tad and Melissa, from the B98.5 Morning Show joined us for a custom Best of Atlanta tour. We loved having them and enjoyed the shout-out on their show, but during their tour’s trivia game we gave out special prizes from the new GA filmed movie The Accountant.

Celebrating Captain America with New Hero Tour

2016_sept10_ca_1web To celebrate the September 13th DVD release of Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment’s Captain America: Civil War, we partnered with Disney to give 30 super fans and bloggers a chance to explore the…

Walking Dead Filming

While it’s widely known that The Walking Dead films in and around Atlanta, one thing that people may not know is how close downtown Senoia (the town that doubled as Woodbury) and the Alexandria Safe Zone set really are and how close filming will be when they resume today (May 4th) to film Season 6….

Margaret Mitchell’s Atlanta

It is safe to say that Atlanta isn’t the same place it was in 1949, the year Margaret Mitchell, acclaimed writer of Gone With the Wind, died. Many people visit Atlanta to see “The City in the Trees” that was about twenty miles north of Scarlett O’Hara’s plantation Tara. And when they do they come…

Experiencing the New Victory Tour

theVictoryTour_medium_transparent One of the most recognizable quotes from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is “May the odds be ever in your favor.” This line said many times throughout the books and movies seems to…