The Zombified ride that was WSC Atlanta 2017!

This was an amazing ride with the partnership of with Walker Stalker Con this year! Starting with our premiere party on 10/22, to our booked out Cooper Andrews tour, and the WSC Atlanta convention itself (with a lot of little things in between). We also provided a shuttle on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and the Monday after the con, and we helped people expand their Walking Dead craze down to Senoia and back to the Congress Center! On the weekend of WSC Atlanta, we offered Bite-Sized Big Zombie 1 Tours that gave fans a quick sneak peek…continue reading →

AMC Releases Walking Dead Cookbook for Surviving the Apocalypse

The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide by Lauren Wilson is finally here! If you're worried about the end of the world, the zombie apocalypse, or want to try your hand at cooking like a pro, this cookbook is the perfect addition to your collection. But unlike those dieting books and complex Gordon Ramsey-esque recipes, AMC's Cookbook and Survival Guide will be hit with the whole family and features recipes that are easy to follow but that will impress the toughest critics.  Lauren has taken iconic recipes from The Walking Dead like Carol's Beet…continue reading →
Big Zombie 2 Tour – Hanging w/ Cooper

Big Zombie 2 Tour – Hanging w/ Cooper

On Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017, join us for a special tour hosted by Cooper Andrews, none other than the lovable Jerry from the Kingdom! VIP tickets will be on the bus with Cooper as a host and one of our awesome Big Zombie 2 guides.  The remaining guests on bus 2, also awesome and still very important, will be with 2 additional guides, who are also from the show and will follow Cooper's bus to various locations and get to interact with him at the locations. One way or the other you have…continue reading →
Walking Dead S8 Premiere Viewing Party

Walking Dead S8 Premiere Viewing Party

Join Walker Stalker and Atlanta Movie Tours for the epic premiere of Season 8 of The Walking Dead - All Out War! Episode 100 promises to be action-filled, and we are going to throw one heck of a party! Not only is it Walker Stalker Con Atlanta's 5 year anniversary, but it's Atlanta Movie Tours' 5 year celebration as well. And what better way to celebrate than with all our fans?!? Atlantic Station has plenty of parking (first 2 hours free), and Meehan's Irish Pub has plenty of room inside and out! They have…continue reading →

“Ring” in a New Year of Movies and Shows

The Walking Dead had its mid-season premiere this past Sunday and was watched by 12 million viewers. Some of those viewers were watching alongside AMT at Smoke Ring at our "Rise Up & Hook Up" watch party. And even though audiences were assured that going forward TWD would be less graphic than the infamous Glenn and Abraham scene at the beginning of this current season, that didn't stop them from coming back after the mid-season hiatus. As Rick's group against the Saviors grows, that promise of less graphic content only makes us wonder how the…continue reading →

From Georgia Filming to the Screen Actors Guild Awards

At the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards last night, the Atlanta film community came out in full force. Many Georgia filmed movies were nominated including Hidden Figures, Captain America: Civil War, The Walking Dead, and Stranger Things.  Stranger Things was nominated for three awards, including Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for which Millie Bobby Brown and Winona Ryder were nominated. If Brown had won this category, it would have made her the youngest winner in SAG history. Sadly, she lost to Claire Foy for the Netflix Original The Crown; but she was the 3rd nominee in the…continue reading →
Rise Up for the Falcons and The Walking Dead

Rise Up for the Falcons and The Walking Dead

The last time the Atlanta Falcons won the play-offs and went to the Superbowl, it was January of 1999, and filming in Atlanta was slow. Scream had been filmed here in 1997, Black Dog starring Patrick Swayze and Meat Loaf in 1998, but in 1999, TV movies and the show Good Eats made up the majority of filming in Atlanta.  Now as the Falcons gear up for their second Superbowl, the filming industry is booming in and around the city of Atlanta. The Founder (starring Michael Keaton and Nick Offerman among others), Rings (starring Vincent D'Onofrio, Johnny Galecki, and many others), and Table…continue reading →

The Walking Dead Teases Season 7 at NYCC!

First off, just a heads up that we're speculating here and calling out spoilers from The Walking Dead comic and S7 trailer, so you've been warned... As The Walking Dead descends on New York Comic Con, (complete w/ absent Andrew Lincoln pranking Norman) we grab the popcorn and hit "play" on the Season 7 Premiere sneak peek of "Right Hand Man," and it does not disappoint! Watch below and let us know what you think! There are sooooo many thoughts coming out of this, but the intense stares between Rick and Negan are about…continue reading →

AMC Releases New Trailers

AMC has been busy bringing the zombie realm to life. The much anticipated Walking Dead spin-off set in California at the start of the zombie outbreak is set to begin on August 23rd. The season will only be six episodes, but fans are already excited to see how the world on the other side of The States fared after the dead came back. The new series stars Ruben Blades, Mercedes Mason and many others and chronicles the lives of those affected by the virus that Rick wasn't around to see because he was…continue reading →

Walking Dead News

As San Diego Comic Con gets closer, fans of shows and movies get even more excited about the upcoming seasons of shows and upcoming movies that are in the works. Among them are "The Walking Dead" and the newly started spin-off set in California, "Fear the Walking Dead." It was announced today that there will be panels at this year's SDCC for both shows. During the panels hosted by "The Talking Dead" host Chris Hardwicke,  we may finally get some more insight into what the spin-off will be about and what it means--if…continue reading →