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Atlanta’s Versatility is Making it a Movie Makers Favorite

We are delighted to have this Atlanta movie update, written by our friend, Evelyn Robinson, from across the pond in England. Thanks, Evelyn!

With a multitude of gorgeous settings and added tax incentives; Atlanta, Georgia, is becoming a filmmaker’s choice when choosing a location for their upcoming movies and TV series. The City in the Forest mixes plush greenery with an impressive, modern skyline; supplying the diversity needed for a wide range of film locations.

Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, John Goodman and Vince Vaughn star in The Internship which is being filmed at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. The film focuses around the unstoppable rise and rise of the Google phenomenon. Despite the Google story being one of success, greed and incredible monetary gain, the hilarious cast are sure to add an insatiable comic tone to this movie.

The film follows Vaughn (who also directs the caper) and Wilson as professionals in their 40s who realize that they are out of touch with the fast moving business of technology. To combat this, the two of them decide to join the blossoming Google Corporation. Cue hilarity when the two pranksters realize the difficult fact that their new bosses are half their age.

With a star studded cast, The Internship is sure to be one of the big comedy hits of 2013.

Hunger Games

Also due for release in 2013 is the highly anticipated next installment of the wildly successful Hunger Games trilogy. The filming of Catching Fire is to be split between Hawaii and Atlanta. The young adult dystopian franchise continues six months after its predecessor ended where protagonist Katniss Everdeen’s act of rebellion has created a butterfly effect throughout the districts.

The Hunger Games books have sold over 25 million copies here in the US alone. The franchise can rival giants like Harry Potter and Twilight in terms of popularity. This popularity will only grow as the exposure is widened.

Atlanta won’t be too recognizable in the film however, as the films futuristic settings will be painstakingly recreated to reflect the society in which the stories are based. But the eagle eyed of you should be able to pick out a few historic landmarks.

Arrested Development star Jason Bateman stars in Identity Theft which promises to be one of the feel good summer comedies of 2013. The film has a slapstick concept of mixed sex identity theft – turning the old movie staple of mistaken identity on its head with a unique twist. Co-starring the incredibly named newcomer Genesis Rodriguez and Sulu himself: John Cho. Identity Theft benefits from being filmed in Atlanta’s commercial center.

Scary Movie Returns!

Scary Movie is back and in Atlanta! The largest parody franchise of the 2000s returns with a troubled star-studded cast for the fifth time. Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan pick up the starring roles in the mock horror pioneer. After roasting modern teen horror classics such as Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Blair Witch Project and The Ring; the latest installment turns its hand to a more mature send up. Black Swan is the target of director Malcolm D. Lee’s ridicule this time around.

Parodying the subtle beauty and horror of the original film will be a challenge for all involved. Black Swan was beautifully shot, haunting and difficult to watch at times. Scary Movie 5 could well prove to be just as difficult to watch but for a completely different reason.

On a far more serious note is Motor City. Starring Mickey Rourke and Gerard Butler, it promises to be a high octane action thriller as it follows a recently released felon who decides to exact revenge against those who put him behind bars and wronged him. What is also curious is that the producers decided to shoot the film in Atlanta rather than Detroit, since the latter is more universally known as the real life Motor City, and one in which car loans are rife and the auto industry prevails.

It’s not just films that are being shot in Georgia’s capital city. The second series of popular family comedy Reed Between the Lines is currently being shot in Atlanta. The series that centers around Dr. Carla Reed who is a highly successful psychologist working hard to balance her family and career.