It’s no secret that the Academy Awards this year were full of surprises. And to keep up with the drama, some of our Insiders even watched the Oscars on one screen while trying to pay attention to The Walking Dead at the same time, needless to say, when the Oscars drew to a close, it was a good thing that The Walking Dead had already gone off-air. 

If you haven’t heard by now, the film Moonlight took home the Oscar for Best Picture, but not after La La Land was announced in its place and the creative team had already begun their speeches. It might have been a shock to the audience when the flub happened, but apparently it was a mistake that could have happened to anyone. In an interview after the show, Emma Stone explained that she was confused because when she was given the Oscar for Best Actress for La La Land, she was handed the cue card with her name and category on it. But when the Oscars are given out, there are actually two envelopes, one for the presenter/Academy and one that the winner gets to keep. Someone just handed off an incorrect card and the announcers for that category were visibly confused, but the show must go on. And the excitement seen in the room, from the audience and the La La Land cast, when Jimmy Kimmel announced that there had been a mix up was a beautiful thing to behold. 

Now, Moonlight as a movie doesn’t have any immediate ties to Atlanta and our film industry because it was filmed and set in Miami, FL. But, it does have an indirect connection that has to do with Mahershala Ali, who made Oscar history on Sunday as the first Muslim actor to win an Academy Award. Ali won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Moonlight, but he also co-starried in another Oscar nominated film (Atlanta-filmed) Hidden Figures. 

Hidden Figures, while it didn’t take home any awards, was nominated for Best Picture, Actress in a Supporting Role, and Adapted Screenplay, and the cast of the movie was able to give thanks to Katherine Johnson, the last living real-life hero who is depicted in Hidden Figures.  Atlanta Movie Tours is proud to feature Hidden Figures in our brand-new Atlanta Heritage tour  which celebrates the achievements of African Americans in Atlanta both on screen and off, and we encourage you to join us on this tour beginning on March 2nd; tickets can be purchased here