If Atlanta Movie Tours were a human, it would be a fun-loving, inquisitive, and compassionate child getting ready to start Kindergarten. It would be jumping up and down at the prospect of starting a new chapter and getting to do things it’s never done before. Its parents would be telling it to calm down and take a deep breath before it leaves the house to explore a new world and make new friends. But in Atlanta Movie Tours’ five years of life, it has already had so many amazing experiences and learned so much, and as we get ready to start our fifth year, we wanted to take a moment to stroll down memory lane and see just how far we’ve come. 

On March 21, 2012, Atlanta Movie Tours was officially born after the media tour for The Big Zombie Tour Part 1.  Since then, our tour selection has expanded to ten tours that zig-zag across Atlanta to major film sites around the city. And since that very first tour, we have hosted a Captain America Tour for Walt Disney Studios. We’ve had tours lead by The Walking Dead actors Emily Kinney and IronE Singleton, and  we have welcomed celebrities like Kassius Johnson and Christopher Sean on Insider guided tours. 

We’ve also had the privilege to grow up in Atlanta alongside Walker Stalker Con, which began in 2013. When asked, our Insiders sited the conference as a place of many of their fond memories, like when Giancarlo Esposito who kissed Cindy, one of our Insiders who has a magical gift of being able to lure anyone over to our AMT table at Walker Stalker. Speaking of WSC, we also partnered with them to throw their epic party during the conference! 

But the one thing that our Insiders always come back to when asked about their favorite memories is their coworkers and the shenanigans that they get into during tours that make the experiences amazing for guests and memorable for the Insiders who do this every day. We’ve had days when Anna (one of our brilliant bosses) and Petey (one of our fearless Insiders) dressed up as walkers and showed up at random stops along The Big Zombie Tour Part 2 to spook the Insiders on the tour and the fans. And in addition to our boss dressing up like a walker, we’ve partnered with so many amazing impersonators over the years (Cecil, Jenny, Sally, Jonathan, Rob, Craig, and so many more) who have surprised guests on tours and brought their favorite characters to life. We’ve also had days when the shenanigans stopped because everyone in the company was focused on getting a fan-requested proposal to go off without a hitch (She said yes, by the way.). 

From our very first tour to our most recent, our Insiders and Staffers have grown from a tiny enthusiastic company eager to show the world what we could do. And since then we have surpassed that exponentially. At the close of our fourth year, AMT was invited by Governor Nathan Deal to celebrate GA Film Day at the Capitol, and a few days later, we received the GA Small Business Rock Star Award. We are so proud of this little company and can’t wait to see how much we grow in the next five years, and we hope that our passion and excitement for the film industry in Georgia will inspire our guests to explore what they love and let AMT guide them along the way.