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AMC Releases New Trailers

AMC has been busy bringing the zombie realm to life. The much anticipated Walking Dead spin-off set in California at the start of the zombie outbreak is set to begin on August 23rd. The season will only be six episodes, but fans are already excited to see how the world on the other side of The States fared after the dead came back. The new series stars Ruben Blades, Mercedes Mason and many others and chronicles the lives of those affected by the virus that Rick wasn’t around to see because he was stuck in the hospital where The Walking Dead series started. It looks like it’s going to be just as zombie-filled as it’s original material, though the story lines are brand new and separate from the comics, but with Robert Kirkman at the head of things, the spin-off should be just as exciting as it’s sister show.

The full trailer that debuted at Comic Con 2015 can be seen here:


Along with the new spin-off, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is set begin on October 11th, and fans are equally as excited to see what’s happening to Rick and his gang on the East Coast. We know from being so close to Senoia and the filming at the Safe Zone that a majority of season 6 takes place there, but a lot can happen inside the walls of Alexandria over the course of a season. And from the trailer that was shown at The Walking Dead panel at Comic Con, it doesn’t look like Rick and his people are any safer with the people of Alexandria than they would be with the Walkers outside the wall. And it looks like Daryl is going to get into some trouble when the foreshadowed Wolves come into play this season.

The full trailer can be see here: