Why Do Productions Choose Georgia For Filming?

We were pleased to see that Georgia ranks among the Top 10 spots for filming in the world!! What makes our fair state so desirable? Here's what P3 Update had to say. GEORGIA The Incentives: In 2008, Governor Sonny Perdue signed into law the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act, boosting the state-tax credit for qualified production and postproduction expenditures by up to 30 percent. The core incentive of the Act is a 20-percent transferable tax credit for production companies that spend a minimum of $500,000 on qualified production/postproduction expenditures. These incentives are available…continue reading →

Tips and Tricks For On The Set Etiquette

We are just as excited as you are to see celebrities. And in Atlanta, they are spotted everywhere. In fact, on one of our recent tours, we happened upon a crew shooting a horror movie. They were so sweet to let our tour watch the filming and we did so with silence and respect. Our friends at On Location Vacations, give us the dos and don'ts for visiting the set. Check it out. Set Etiquettecontinue reading →

Our First Tour!

The first Atlanta Movie Tour took place on March 31, 2012 and was SOLD OUT! We were thrilled to spend the day with fellow zombie and movie buffs. We all had a ball! WXIA was SO kind to come out and join us. Thank you, Jennifer Leslie! Here's a group shot from the end of our day together. Hope to see YOU soon, too!!continue reading →

Countdown To Ticket Day – Locations

Hi All! Since we are so thrilled to announce that The Big Zombie Tour tickets go on sale Thursday, March 1st, we are going to start putting up photos of some of the locations you will see. Number One (not in any particular order).  Can you guess where I am? Hint, this is actually two locations in one.  continue reading →