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Atlanta Wrap-Up Blog

Georgia Film Virtual Backgrounds

Stranger Things

With more and more video conferencing software jumping on the virtual background bandwagon, we thought we would share the #GeorgiaFilm love with some virtual background options. While our virtual tour guests don’t have their video on, we do turn it on for private virtual tours so you can interact before and after the tour with…

Social Distancing Solutions: #GAFilmandChill with Netflix Party Extension

According to USA Today, Netflix Party lets friends have movie nights while social distancing, so our AMT Insiders have come up with a list of our Georgia-filmed Netflix favorites for you and your friends to #GAFilmandChill  while quarantined from the CoronaVirus.

Have You Watched the Watchmen? We’re Not in Tulsa Anymore!

Image courtesy of HBO

There are no shortage of opinions on the new Damon Lindelof series Watchmen, a sequel (of sorts, though more of a retelling) and adaptation of Alan Moore, John Higgins and Dave Gibbons’ comic creation, so we will only dwell for a second on that side before diving into the awesome #GeorgiaFilm locations! We also want…

#GeorgiaFilm Review – Jumanji: The Next Level

Image courtesy of Sony Pictures

Hi! It’s me again, Sydney, your friendly neighborhood on-again, off-again movie reviewer. A reviewer of movies? Anyway, this time I jumped right in (see what I did there?) to Jumanji: The Next Level, the next installment in the reboot of the Jumanji universe and it didn’t disappoint. This experience was brought to you by Amanda…

Richard Jewell, The World Will Know His Name and The TRUTH


    Everyone give Georgia a hand! I am very pleased that this is a Georgia story, told here in Georgia tonight for the FIRST time that was also FILMED here in Georgia!” – David Ralston,  Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives and Proponent of Georgia’s Film Industry   Georgia Speaker of the House,…

#GeorgiaFilm’d Stranger Things Takes Home Title of People’s Choice Best Drama Show in 2019!


#GeorgiaFilm’d Stranger Things Takes Home Title of People’s Choice Best Drama Show in 2019! The people have spoken and we the people of Atlanta Movie Tours could not be happier for our #GeorgiaFilm family on this win. What better way to celebrate all things strange than with our Atlanta Upside Down Tour?! Get in and…

TWD Viewing Parties at Nic & Norman’s + Big Zombie Tour Combo!

TWD Viewing Party Tour Combo The Walking Dead is back and we’re helping host viewing parties at Nic & Norman’s in Senoia! Doors open at 6:30 each Sunday night Oct 13-Nov 24 and we bring…

Dragon Con Wrap-Up – Better Late Than Never!

Dragon Con Parade

Labor Day weekend in Atlanta is a combination of fun, geekiness, and exhaustion and this year was no exception. Dragon Con is essentially 5 days of playing, working, and, in our case, showing off Atlanta to the tens of thousands of folks who come for the event. You can find out more about Dragon Con…