For Dragon Con 2019 we have something super exciting we’re doing and all you have to do is follow us on social media, find our AMT Insiders, take a selfie with them and share the geeky love! You’ll become a deputized AMT Insider and be entered to win awesome tours…possibly a private tour for you and 30 of your geekiest friends!

What am I playing for?

For fun? Not enough? Ok, how about this…

1st Prize: Private 3-hour tour for up to 30 guests, valid until December 31, 2020 (approximate retail value: $2,500)

2nd Prize: 4 tickets to any regularly-running Atlanta Movie Tours tour (approximate retail value: $300)

3rd Prize: 2 tickets to any regularly-running Atlanta Movie Tours tour (approximate retail value: $150)


How do I play? Better question…how do I win?
  • You’re here and below you’ll find a link to the official rules, which y’all are going to read, right?
  • Rule #1 – Follow us on the social media platforms you are on – Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @atlmovietours
  • Rule #2 – Go to Dragon Con, the happiest place on earth for geeky fun!
  • Rule #3 – Find an AMT Insider (don’t startle them please, they startle easily)
  • Rule #4 – Take selfie w/ AMT Insider showing #AMTINSIDER stickers
  • Rule #5 – Post pic (your account needs to be public or Woobox can’t see it due to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter rules & on Facebook you’ll need to post the pic on our timeline – rules, ugh!) & tag #AMTINSIDER on social media


How do I find an #AMTInsider?


The AMT Insiders are wandering around the Con with an #AMTINSIDER sticker on the back of their badge (see below) and they may even have a big sign if you are lucky! So you can hunt for them and/or follow us on social @atlmovietours for updates several times a day on where the AMT Insiders will be at any given time. (we’ll work on giving them bathroom breaks ;))
  • Great! You found an AMT Insider! They will put a sticker on the back of your badge…yes for free! Now, take a selfie with your sticker and their sticker in the shot. They will also give you a bunch of #AMTINSIDER stickers that I will reference later if you are still reading by that point so you can keep entering!
  • You’re not done, gotta do something with that pic! Post it on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter tagging @atlmovietours #AMTINSIDER #DragonCon2019 for an entry into the contest. Make sure your profile is public and your Facebook post is on our timeline or we (and our contest system Woobox) can’t see it ;).


***Congrats! You just entered the #AMTINSIDER Challenge!
Remember though, more entries mean more chances to win!***


So how do you get more entries you ask?
  • Go back to rule #1 and do it again OR take one of those handy dandy #AMTINSIDER stickers that your original Insider gave you, find literally anyone…yes we are encouraging you to talk to strangers…tell them about the contest, stick a sticker on the back of THEIR badge, take a picture with your sticker and your newly deputized AMT Insider w/ their sticker, post on social media w/ #AMTINSIDER and BAM, you got another entry!
  • When you have deputized and taken pictures with so many people that you run out of stickers, go back to the beginning (yes, all the way at the top of this) and find an ORIGINAL #AMTINSIDER for sticker refills to continue playing.


Keep finding, deputizing and posting in order to win the grand prize!


Now a lot of people have stopped reading at this point and that’s good…it’s just you and me now so I’m going to give you some hints.


Tip #A – Yes, we know ‘A’ is not a number. On social media, all weekend, we are going to post hints about where the AMT Insiders are, so keep watching to get a leg up on your competition.
Tip #B – We only have 10,000 stickers so the more you use, the more your competition can’t use.
Tip #C – We really hope people have stopped reading at this point to save us money because, throughout the weekend, the AMT Insiders will be at local restaurants, bars, and shops buying you appetizers, souvenirs, hangover medicine (looking at you “Brad”) and more. So it is an opportunity to get a picture with their badge sticker and your badge sticker AND get free stuff! Watch social for the alerts!