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Meet Margaret Mitchell

Posted on: April 4th, 2014 by patti No Comments

Only at Atlanta Movie Tours! You can now take a tour with Margaret as she shows you around her Atlanta and all the locations that helped shaped the creation of Gone With The Wind.

Miss Mitchell is hilarious, sweet, funny and sassy as she recounts the important events in her life. She takes you to the Margaret Mitchell House, where she wrote her only novel, Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta Fulton County Public Library to see her Pulitzer Prize, and many other personal items at a few other surprise locations. This tour feels like a Broadway show on wheels. We know it will be a sell-out.

This is the first weekend we will open to the public and we invite you to join us. Use promo code: GWTW75 for $5 off every ticket on our Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind Tour

Here are a few fun shots from our media tour two weeks ago. You don’t want to miss this.

Miss Mitchell visits her old apartment

Miss Mitchell visits her old apartment



Margaret's Typewriter


Group Shot at Oakland

Group Shot at Oakland





How To Ready Yourself for TWD Season 4 Finale

Posted on: March 28th, 2014 by patti No Comments

It’s always a sad day when The Walking Dead finales roll around. What the heck are we supposed to do until Season 5 starts?

We have some fun ideas!

1. Our Big Zombie Tours (Part 1 & 2):  If you haven’t been on the tours in a while, they are new and improved. 15″ screens on the coach show clips from the show as we arrive at the locations. Perfect if you’ve talked your non zombie-loving friends and family into taking the tour with you. They can see exactly how these locations looked onscreen. Trust me, by the end of the tour they will be dying to watch the show (no pun intended).

2. Visit the Woodbury Shoppe: Set smack in the middle of fictional Woodbury (Senoia, GA in real life), this is a MUST DO for every TWD fan. Not only does Miss Carrie stock every zombie item you could possibly want, but she also has the prison cells downstairs. Go – get your photo in the very cells the cast filmed in. I mean, really – how cool is that? You can also buy our Big Zombie Tour tickets there, too. Double Score!!

3. Watch the AMC Marathon: Starting at midnight March 30, you can park yourself in front of the tv and watch the entire season before the finale! Watch a sneak peek of the finale here.

4. Bake Some Zombie Cupcakes: Here is the entire how-to!



All Roads Lead to Terminus

Posted on: March 16th, 2014 by Carrie Gwin 1 Comment

Fans of The Walking Dead know Terminus as the ominous, supposed sanctuary for all survivors of the zombie apocalypse. In the show, there are various signs posted along the train tracks that claim “Those who arrive, survive.” Little is known about this promising safe haven, such as whether or not it’s really safe, who is in charge at this new location, and most importantly, will the prison group find each other there? However, there’s little doubt that the trek to Terminus and what happens there will be a huge story line in the upcoming episodes and season of The Walking Dead.

Map of Terminus on The Walking Dead, photo: AMC

Map of Terminus on The Walking Dead, photo: AMC

But what about the real Terminus? It seems that the creators of The Walking Dead certainly did their research on the history of Atlanta. Did you know that Terminus was, in fact, a real place in Georgia a long time ago?

Depiction of Atlanta in the mid-1800s

Depiction of Atlanta in the mid-1800s

Terminus was once the original name for Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. The naming of the city dates way back (we’re talking pre-Civil War) to 1837. The Georgia General Assembly wanted to build the Western and Atlantic Railroad in hopes of creating a link between Georgia, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the Midwest. Surveyors checked out several spots east of the Chattahoochee River to be the terminus, which literally means end of the line, for this new railroad. Eventually they settled on an area and placed a stake in the ground to commemorate the location. Later a marker, known as the Zero Mile Post, was put into place in the location that is presently known as Five Points in Downtown Atlanta. This location marked exactly where the Western and Atlantic lines would terminate. Eventually, the area began to develop and the city was appropriately dubbed “Terminus.” Terminus was later changed to “Marthasville,” before finally settling on “Atlanta” in 1845. The city began to flourish and by 1855, there were four major rail lines coming though the city of now nearly 6,025 residents, solidifying Atlanta’s role as the rail hub for the entire South.

Zero Mile Post, photo: Joeffe Davis

Zero Mile Post, photo: Joeffe Davis

Kudos to The Walking Dead for appropriately incorporating some pieces of Atlanta’s history into the show! Now we’ll just have to wait and see if this Terminus is as promising and successful as the Terminus of the past…

Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?

Posted on: March 14th, 2014 by patti No Comments


Our neighborhood, Castleberry Hill, is always hopping.

This weekend – it will REALLY be hopping. Or slithering, depending on your point of view.

The Snake Nation Arts Fest is happening this weekend. And what a day of fun it will be! Just kidding about the slithering – no snakes allowed.

The Snake Nation Arts Festival is a collaboration between the Castleberry Hill Creative/Historic District and PushPush Theater. The inaugural 2014 fest will be held on March 14 & 15. Voted best Art Stroll in the city, the Castleberry Hill 2nd Friday Art Stroll will be held on Friday the 14th from 7pm-10pm followed by the Festival on Saturday the 15th from 12-6.

We will fill the neighborhood with live music, interactive art, video shoots, dance troupes, artists markets, more live music, walking gallery tours, historic tours, movie tours, the filming of a new series by PushPush, and much more! Including walking film tours of Castleberry Hill at 12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

To get the most out of your time in Castleberry Hill, here is an itinerary that will keep you busy for the entire day.

10 a.m. – Have a luscious Mexican breakfast at ADios Cafe (180 Walker Street). Go ahead and order the churros. It’s okay to have dessert for breakfast and they are so good!

11 a.m. – Get a mani/pedi or a massage at Iwi Fresh (341 Nelson Street). Yolanda creates the most amazing treats for your skin from the freshest ingredients.

12:30 p.m. – Stroll down to Sweet Tooth’s Dessert Bar (335 Nelson Street) to see what Missy is baking up. Try a mini sweet potato pie. Then meet us in front of Atlanta Movie Tours and take a walking film tour!

1 p.m. – Check out Blu Bisque (323 Nelson Street) and create your own work of art. Pottery or canvas – come on in, enjoy a glass of wine and get artsy.

By now the Snake Nation Arts Fest is in full swing. Take in all the sights.

2 p.m. – Jump on our bus and take our Atlanta Film Sites Tour (327 Nelson Street).  Sit back for 3 hours as we drive you all over Atlanta to show you where all the Hollywood hits were filmed.

3:30 p.m. – If you didn’t jump on our Atlanta Film Sites Tour and missed the Walking Film Tour earlier today, join us now! Grab a Coke from our shop and you’re on!

5:30 p.m. – Dinner at Smoke Ring (309 Nelson Street) will hit the spot. They make the best BBQ in town. Seriously.

6:30 p.m. – Get classy and do a wine tasting at Wine Shoe (339 Nelson Street). Pick up a bottle to take home.

7:30 p.m. – Cocktail time at Bottle Rocket! Go see Joel and ask him to mix up something special for you. Nosh on a tasty sushi roll. Maybe sing a little karaoke.

10 p.m. – Wrap up your night at Elliot Street Pub (51 Elliot Street SW). Although it looks tiny when you walk in, walk down stairs and catch some live music. It’s always something cool.

Whew, that’s a long day. Our advice is to call Uber and let them drop you off and pick you up in style. Use code: ATLMovies

The 2014 Atlanta Film Festival Complete Lineup!

Posted on: March 8th, 2014 by Carrie Gwin No Comments


Here at Atlanta Movie Tours we’re HUGE movie buffs (that’s not much of a surprise, now is it?), so when the Atlanta Film Festival released their complete lineup for the 2014 festival, we were excited, to say the least.


The line-up includes an impressive list of narrative features, short films, documentaries, and more. One stand out this year is the opening presentation Joe, which stars Academy Award winner Nicholas Cage and was directed by David Gordon Green. Other must see films (in our humble opinion) include the narrative feature Locke, starring Tom Hardy, the documentaries Cyber-Seniors and Limo Ride, as well as the closing night feature The Double, featuring Zombieland’s Jesse Einsenberg.


The 2014 Atlanta Film Festival, which is one of the largest and longest-running festivals in the country, will be taking place at the historic Plaza Theatre March 28th - April 6th.  Tickets are on sale now for all-access passes, MovieHopper Cards, and individual tickets for various films (although we highly suggest springing for the all-access pass).

Check out the lineup here and comment below with which films you’re planning on seeing!

Frankly, My Dear, We DO Give a Damn!

Posted on: February 28th, 2014 by patti No Comments


We seriously cannot thank you enough for all the support you’ve shown us as we move into our third year at Atlanta Movie Tours (where has the time gone?)
The fun continues to grow!
To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Gone With The Wind, we proudly present Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind Tour, starting April 5, 2014.
Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With The Wind, has a fascinating story. Board our luxury coach as we take you on a 3-hour tour based on the world’s most famous novel and the woman who created this compelling vision of the pre- and post-civil war life in the south.
  • You will see where the cast stayed for the 1939 movie premiere in Atlanta
  • Visit “The Dump” - the apartment where she wrote the Great American Novel
  • See Margaret Mitchell’s Pulitzer Prize
  • View her gravesite and the location where she was struck down at age 48

Vouchers for this tour will also gain visitors entry to the Road To Tara Museum in Jonesboro and the Marietta Gone With The Wind Museum at no extra charge.

Tickets are available now! Click here to book!

Spring Break = MORE ZOMBIES!

Posted on: February 21st, 2014 by patti 1 Comment

Are you ready for Spring Break? It’s coming up quickly and if you are planning your getaway, a Big Zombie Tour is just the thing for all you Walking Dead fans out there.

And…so you don’t miss a moment of the fun, we have a brand new schedule starting on April 5, 2014.

You can now take both of our Big Zombie Tours on the SAME DAY! This is a first for us. You asked, we listened and made it happen!

New Schedule starting April 5, 2014, every Saturday and Sunday:

9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Big Zombie Tour Part 1

2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Big Zombie Tour Part 2

Comment below if you would like to see us add a weekday tour, too. The more we hear from you, the more likely we will add extra tours during the week before summer arrives!

You could be here!

You could be here!

We Love You, Dead or Alive

Posted on: February 14th, 2014 by patti No Comments

Happy Valentines Day!

Our love for you is dead. And we mean that in the most affectionate way. We love the dead. But you knew that about us.

How dead is our love? How about 15% worth?

Yup. Use promo code: DEADLOVE for 15% off any of our Big Zombie Tours this weekend.

We’ll meet you back here on Monday to talk about our favorite show. Save us some chocolates.



Get Your Dead On In Atlanta This Weekend!

Posted on: February 7th, 2014 by patti No Comments

We can’t wait!


It’s almost here! Sunday is the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead and we are all so excited.

If you are in Atlanta, where should you go to watch?

Here are some of our favorite viewing parties.


One of Atlanta’s biggest viewing parties happens here. Costume contests, trivia, prizes and there’s always a chance you might spy a cast member.

Cool Factor: 5 stars. Greg Nicotero has been known to show up here.

Chances of getting in: 2 stars. Unless you arrive at 3 p.m. you may not get a seat. It’s that popular.

Bottle Rocket Atlanta

Our personal favorite. Why? It’s in our neighborhood and that’s always a plus. More trivia with prizes and raffles featuring super coolio TWD treats.

Cool Factor: 5 stars. Don’t look now, but we met Norman Reedus here. For realz.

Chances of getting in: 4 stars. This gem in Castleberry Hill is still kind of tucked away. Ask Norman. But don’t wait until showtime or you may not get a seat.

The Roswell Tap

For those of you who live north of town. And drink specials galore. Lots of crazy fun cocktails based on our favorite characters.

Cool Factor: 4 stars. We’d be there if we lived top of the perimeter.

Chances of getting in: 3 stars. Mainly we gave the Tap 3 stars because we’ve never been to an event there. But they like us on Facebook so they must be cool.

Although not a viewing party, you will be able to meet a cast member or two at this weekend’s Days of the Dead convention at the Sheraton Downtown. We’ll be there, too!

And you can ALWAYS get your dead on with our Big Zombie Tours. What better way to get ready for the new episodes?

There you go. Tell us where you are watching the mid-season premiere and any cool spots we are missing.

Days of the Dead – February 7-9, 2014

Posted on: January 31st, 2014 by patti No Comments

“Where Horror Comes To Party!”

Doesn’t that sound like fun? We can’t wait!


We’ll be partying with Linda Blair!

Days of the Dead will be in town the second weekend in February. And the roster of guests is impressive.

  • Linda Blair
  • Dee Snyder
  • Jason Mewes
  • Chandler Riggs
  • Sid Haig

And so many more!

PLUS! We are going to run our Big Zombie Tour Part 1 directly from the Sheraton Downtown so you can hop on the tour and be dropped right back off at the convention when the tour is over.

BONUS! If you use promo code: DOTD2014 when booking, you can take 25% off the regular ticket price. SCORE!

DOUBLE SCORE!  Our walker guides will be at our vendor booth, signing autographs, while meeting & greeting YOU!

Come visit us at the convention. We’ll be lurking for you!

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